Australia Day

What else can we do to show our love and support for our great country? How about buying ownership in some great Aussie businesses? There are thousands to choose from. For example you can buy shares where you do your groceries (Coles or Woolworths), where you do your banking (Mackay Permanent), where you work (BHP), with your insurer (IAG) or maybe the television or pay TV channels you watch (PBL or Austar).

We often hear complaints about overseas investors buying up our Aussie icons and assets (i.e. Vegemite & Speedo). Well don’t let them – put your money where your mouth is! Buy Australian.
Generally Australian shares pay a reliable stream of tax effective dividends and successful companies’ dividends increase most years. People often complain about the banks and how much they charge, why not own part of them and get some of your money back?

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains and I love our Aussie Businesses for their dividends and gains.

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