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The mission of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFAs) is to increase returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design and trading. Alman Partners is one of a select number of advisory firms accredited to recommend Dimensional Funds.

Dimensional Fund Advisors bring scientific research to capital trading

Our confidence in capital markets allows us to think differently about investing. Over the years, our Dimensional Fund Advisors in Mackay have translated financial research into real world investment solutions. Through our revolutionary approach, we help investors capture what the market offers in all its dimensions.

DFA uses science to get the best performance and returns out of your capital. This revolutionary new approach removes gambling and speculation from the investment ­process. Where index funds capture market returns, DFAs use enhanced strategies based on strong academic research to deliver enhanced long-term returns for investors.

How Do Dimensional Funds Works?

Capital markets are composed of many classes of securities, including stocks and bonds, both domestic and international. A group of securities with shared economic traits is commonly referred to as an asset class. There are several asset classes, all with average price movements that are distinct from one another. Investors can benefit by combining the different asset classes in a structured portfolio. This has the potential to achieve greater expected returns than a less comprehensive approach.

However, because no two investors are alike, everyone has their own risk tolerances, goals, and life circumstances that dictate the holdings in their portfolios. Alman Partners can help you determine an appropriate mix.

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