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There is a new model of investing: a model based not on speculation but on science of capital markets. Decades of research guide the way. Alman Partners are one of a select number of advisory firms accredited to recommend Dimensional’s Funds.

The mission of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is to deliver the performance of capital markets and increase returns through state of the art portfolio design and trading.

Dimensional Fund Advisors bring scientific research to capital trading

Dimensional is a different kind of investment firm. Our confidence in the capital markets frees us to think differently about investing and push the frontiers of innovation. Over the years, we have translated financial research into real world investment solutions, and through our revolutionary approach, investors may seek to capture what the market offers in all its dimensions.

More importantly though, DFA uses science to get the best performance and returns out of your capital. DFA is based upon a longstanding tradition of scientific and academic research, including the work of Nobel Laureates. This revolutionary new approach removes gambling and speculation from the investment process. Where Index Funds capture market returns, Dimensional Fund Advisors use enhanced strategies based on strong academic research to deliver enhanced long term investment returns for investors.

What did the science of DFA discover?

Structure or asset mix, determines most of the performance in a diversified portfolio. Investors choose asset classes to play different roles in a portfolio, and their appetite for risk guides their asset allocation.

Capital markets are composed of many classes of securities, including stocks and bonds, both domestic and international. A group of securities with shared economic traits is commonly referred to as an asset class. There are several asset classes, all with average price movements that are distinct from one another. Investors can benefit by combining the different asset classes in a structured portfolio.

A full range of domestic, international, and emerging market asset classes includes small, large, value, and growth stocks; government and corporate bonds; and real estate. Because the asset classes play different roles in a portfolio, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Investors have the ability to achieve greater expected returns with less price fluctuation and more consistency than they would in a less comprehensive approach.

However, because no two investors are alike, there is no single “optimal” asset allocation. Each investor has his or her own risk tolerances, goals, and life circumstances that dictate the holdings in their portfolios. You should consult your financial adviser or plan administrator to help you determine an appropriate mix. In general, the greater the proportion of stocks a portfolio holds, especially small cap and value stocks, the more “aggressive” its risk and the greater its expected return.

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