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Here at Alman Partners we talk about ‘True Wealth’. This distinction is important to us as it recognizes that life and happiness is about more than just money. This is why our approach to wealth investment and wealth management is all about finding out what values you place on your money and what goals you want to be able to achieve with your money. After all, having money is meaningless if it doesn’t bring you any fulfilment of your values or your plans.

Our wealth investment and wealth management services

Our investment management strategy is all about the most effective allocation of resources. We utilise the resources of Dimensional Fund Advisors, which means our investment method is backed up by the highest scientific analysis of capital performance to date. This puts you in the best position to achieve your goals. We constantly review the strategies we recommend via regularly updated progress reports.

Some of the other wealth management services we offer include:

  • Tax management – helping you avoid unexpected end of year tax bills;
  • Estate Planning – helping you pass on your wealth so you can have a lasting legacy;
  • Cash-flow & Debt Management – helping you get out of debt faster, and improve your financial literacy so you stay out of debt in the future, as well as analysing the banking services you use to find the best interest rates and lowest fees;
  • Risk Insurance, Income Protection, Death, Total & Permanent Disablement, Trauma Insurance.

Putting your financial house in order!

Wealth investment is a bit like running a home. It’s about creating order, keeping things clean and tidy, and carefully looking after that which gives you safety, security and comfort.

At Alman Partners our specialist wealth investment and wealth management strategies help set individuals’, families’, business’ and even charities’ financial houses in order for long-term success and wellbeing through our structured and practical approach.

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