The Hungry Ghost

In our Western Society “The Hungry Ghost” provides a metaphor for those who are never fulfilled or content even when they may have ample assets or material possessions.

What drives a person to put career, ambition, status and finance ahead of family, health and happiness?

‘Capital’ is most commonly thought of in terms of ‘financial capital’ which are our existing investments. ‘Human Capital’ on the other hand describes our ability to work and produce income through our human effort. ‘Social Capital’ includes our reputation, family, friends and influence. People who spend their life solely focused on using their ‘human capital’ to accumulate ‘financial capital’, may forsake their ‘social capital’. Successful asset management is about correctly balancing these issues. Good Advisers play an important role in facilitating this balance for those who recognise the benefit of outsourcing this expertise.

For the “Hungry Ghost”, a re-evaluation and realisation of the importance of family and community may need to occur before they are able to let go.