It’s Time to Question Your Financial Planning Ideas

Socrates compared living without thinking systematically to practicing an activity like pottery or shoemaking without following or even knowing of technical procedures. One would never imagine that a good pot or shoe could result from intuition alone; why then assume that the more complex task of directing one’s life could be undertaken without any sustained reflection on premises or goals?

Perhaps because we don’t believe that directing our lives is in fact complicated. Certain difficult activities look very difficult from the outside, while other, equally difficult activities look very easy. Arriving at sound views on how to financially plan, falls into the second category, making a pot or a shoe into the first.

Everyone will have their own views and beliefs on financial planning based on experience, education and often perception. How often are these beliefs tested and put under rigorous scrutiny? How is it possible for us to be objective about our own financial beliefs or financial situation or financial potential?

Pottery looks as difficult as it is. It is not surprising few of us make our own pots.

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