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The Travel Adventures of AP Bear

Several years ago we introduced this cute little fellow to the Alman Partners’ Family.

For those who have not yet met AP, he is an intrepid explorer with a mischievous streak. He loves going on adventures and making new friends. We encourage our clients when travelling anywhere in our region, state, country or the world, to request their very own AP Bear from our office. Take him with you on your adventures and capture creative photos with him. Share them with us on email or through our Facebook page for a chance to take home our AP Bear Photo of the Year Award. Winners are announced in December each year and receive a fun prize.

We love seeing what AP gets up to on his travels. Get snapping!


Request AP Bear

  • Fill in the form below to request AP Bear join you on your travels.
  • So we can ensure you get AP before you leave
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

Past Winners

Steve & Pam Barratt

2020: Todd & Rossana Matheson

2020: Todd & Rossana Matheson

Paul & Claire Ryan

2019: Paul & Claire Ryan

Nick & Lisa Dever

2018: Nick & Lisa Dever

2017: Graham & Bev Hampton

2017: Graham & Bev Hampton

Tony & Marina Upton

2016: Tony & Marina Upton

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