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Our Process

To give you the best advice possible, we have developed a process that relies on your involvement. Our team will help you understand why we make the recommendations we do while respecting your valuable time.

1. Discovery Meeting

Once you have contacted our office and spoken with one of our senior team members, you will be invited to attend a Discovery Meeting. This is a great opportunity to get to know your financial adviser in a relaxed environment. Prior to the Discovery Meeting, we will ask you to complete a copy of our Personal/Business Financial Profile, which will supply us with the information we need to discuss strategy ideas with you. We will start scoping out your needs and identify opportunities to get your financial house in order. You will have the opportunity to explore our expertise, our services and our team.

At the end of the meeting, we should have a clear scope of your situation. From here we will make a decision together on whether there is value in you taking the next step and attending an in-depth Concept Meeting. The initial fee for a Discovery Meeting is $330 (inc. GST) and takes approximately one hour.

2. Concept Meeting

Before the Concept Meeting, we will get to work researching and preparing model strategies tailored to your circumstances. We will conduct a thorough assessment of the following areas (where applicable):

We will also consider your specific needs, such as providing education for children, moving towards retirement, establishing an investment strategy or securing your future after divorce.

During the Concept Meeting, we will provide you with an overview of our concept strategies. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity on any areas you are unclear about. As a fee-for-service firm, we will quote you a fixed fee to develop, present and implement your financial plan, so you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. There is no additional fee for the Concept Meeting and will take approximately two hours.

3. Your Financial Plan

Your financial adviser and our team of internal experts will get to work designing, benchmarking and stress testing your financial plan. We will then present our detailed recommendations to you, allowing you plenty of time to understand our advice. Once you are comfortable with our recommendations, we will sign off on the plan and move to the implementation phase. We pride ourselves on keeping clients involved and will keep you up to date during the implementation of your plan.

Once all recommendations have been finalised, we will arrange for a Post-Implementation Meeting to review your position and outline our process for ongoing reviews.

4. Welcome to the Alman Partners’ Community!

At Alman Partners we aspire to have productive, long-term relationships with our clients. In some cases, we are now looking after the financial affairs of the children of clients we started working with 30 years ago. These successful relationships are built on our core philosophies of leading, educating and inspiring.

As an Alman Partners client, you will have regular review and planning meetings with your adviser and easy phone access to all of our experts. You will also get to know our brilliant support team who will deal with any day-to-day issues like setting up appointments, completing paperwork, or assisting with third-party firms.

We will keep you up to date with news that may affect your situation. We do this via:

We believe that education is critical to your success as an investor, so we will provide you with access to webinars, seminars and video events that will increase your knowledge and confidence.

Because we do spend many years working with our clients, we build very close relationships, and from time to time we do arrange various opportunities to socialise with our client community.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to True Wealth.

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