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In the grand scheme of things, money is important. However, money is only significant to the extent that it allows you to enjoy what’s important to you. Not worrying about your finances is critical to living a life that excites you. Financial freedom allows you to nurture those you love and fulfil your highest aspirations. To us, that is ‘True Wealth’. Our approach to designing your personal financial plan begins with understanding what’s important to you about money and identifying your most important goals. We will explore your values around money, so we can understand why and how you are building wealth.

“Money can’t buy you love, but it helps in its pursuit”

Not having clearly defined goals around your finances is like getting into a taxi without knowing your destination. You could end up anywhere or anywhere. Our team of experienced financial advisers will align your financial choices with the life you want.

Once we have developed your financial roadmap, giving you and your family real clarity, we will provide world-class investment solutions and strategies to help you achieve your goals. At Alman Partners we do not believe in timing the market or stock picking. Our evidence-based approach is built on Nobel Prize-winning academic research, not speculation or forecasts. This ensures your portfolio is optimised to capture market returns, giving you confidence in your investments.

Our Investment Committee meets regularly to review investment performance and benchmarks, review and approve model portfolios, conduct extensive research on available funds and products, and ensure best investment practices are followed. Our Committee is supported by the expertise of Dr Steve Garth who acts as an Independent Committee Member.

Read our white paper ‘The Informed Investor’ to learn more about our investment approach.

Ongoing, Alman Partners provides mentoring and coaching to our clients.

Life changes, legislation changes and markets can be volatile, which is why ongoing financial advice and support are critical to your long-term success.

At Alman Partners, we offer investment advice strategies, engineered to capture specific risk/return characteristics with reliability and transparency. The goal is to provide investors with a series of precisely defined, low-cost building blocks. This allows them to maximise the benefits of asset-class diversification through balanced portfolios.

FAAA Professional Practice

Alman Partners is an FAAA Professional Practice.

The Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA, previously FPA), is the peak professional body for financial planners in the country. Holding the Professional Practice designation confirms that Alman Partners is committed to having the highest ethical and professional standards, through a commitment to the FAAA Code of Professional Practice and CFP® Certification. At least 75% of an FAAA Professional Practice must be FAAA members and 50% must have achieved CFP® Professional status.

Alman Partners is 1 of 3 firms from across Australia named as a finalist in the 2021 FPA Awards: Professional Practice of the Year. We were also named a finalist in 2020.

In 2022, Alman Partners was named FPA Professional Practice of the Year (the final year before the FPA & AFA merged to become the FAAA).

Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA)

Alman Partners is a Founding Member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA®).

Global Association of Independent Advisors Logo at Alman Partners Truewealth 

GAIA is a collection of like-minded firms in Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Europe & the Middle East, who endeavour to put their client’s interests first. GAIA members openly share information on business practices to ensure their clients receive advice they can trust. All GAIA members are required to maintain CEFEX accreditation.

All GAIA member firms strongly believe in the evidence-based investment philosophy. Membership to the Association is by invitation only.

To find out more about GAIA, download the brochure here.

“We would like to thank the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA) for having such a professional group of advisers worldwide. When we departed Australia as residents and moved to the UK we needed an adviser and wanted to find one with the same high standards and excellence. Our Australian adviser (Steve Lowry at Alman Partners) put us in contact with a UK associate (Simon Brown at BpH Wealth Management) and we found the same set of values and professionalism with Simon in the UK adviser as we had experienced for many years with Steve in Australia. The assistance we received from both GAIA advisers, working together, to help us set up our new life in another country, gave us peace of mind and security that we would continue to be in good hands. The GAIA network works! Thank you.”

Stephen & Mara Klemich

Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)

Alman Partners is CEFEX Accredited.

Alman Partners is one of only a handful of Certified Fiduciary Financial Advisers in Australia. Since 2016, Alman Partners voluntarily participates in annual audits conducted by the Centre of Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), in order to maximise professionalism and ensure due diligence is adhered to and all compliance requirements are met.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organisation established to evaluate firms through a rigorous set of criteria.

To find out more about CEFEX and the criteria Alman Partners is audited on, visit their website.

How is a CEFEX Accredited Firm different from others?

2021 CEFEX Certification (new) - Alman Partners | True Wealth | Financial Planning Service | Superannuation Advisers | Investment Advice Mackay & Brisbane

What is an Investment Fiduciary?

An investment fiduciary is an individual who has responsibility for the management of the assets of others. This places them in a special position of confidence, reliance, and trust. Fiduciaries are required to act in the best interests of those they serve and to avoid or properly manage conflicts of interest in many cases.

Why You Should Work with a Fiduciary

Prior to the Hayne Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Services, over 70% of all financial planners were licensed through financial product providers. The banks and fund managers called this their ‘distribution channel’ or ‘sales force.’ Commissioner Hayne described this as a ‘vertically integrated model’ and was labeled as utterly conflicted.

When you work with a fiduciary such as Alman Partners, these conflicts should be completely removed. At Alman Partners, we believe there should be a separation between the advice you receive and product recommendations. In other words, a firm that is your fiduciary puts your best interests first.

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free
from worry about the ‘what ifs’ of life.” – Suze Orman

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