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The Alman Partners Investment Committee plays a vital role in setting the implementation and monitoring of the fiduciary framework for Alman Partners and our clients. The Investment Committee meets quarterly and has the following framework which includes, but is not limited to the following key agenda items:

  • Governance;
  • Maintenance of CEFEX accreditation;
  • Review of investment performance and returns ensuring an appropriate level of return is delivered in the prevailing market environment;
  • Seek to minimise investment costs;
  • Review of Asset Allocation and portfolio strategy;
  • Research of available markets, services and products, and
  • Investment manager update.

Strategy decisions are guided by the findings of a significant body of academic research. We believe three key conclusions can be drawn from this research.

  1. After accounting for investment costs, most individual and professional investors underperform broad market benchmarks.
  2. Investors who happen to outperform the market in one period have no greater likelihood of repeating that performance in the next period.
  3. The majority of investor focus should be placed on portfolio allocation design and the implementation of that allocation through liquid low-cost diversified investment strategies.

Alman Partners Investment Committee


Alman Partners is a founding member of GAIA. Members firms share best practices in order to better serve our clients in a fiduciary capacity.

Highest Fiduciary Standards  ~  Academic Research  ~  Global Reach

CEFEX Accredited, Alman Partners is one of only a handful of Certified Fiduciary Financial Advisers in Australia.

To learn more about our association with CEFEX & GAIA, visit Our Approach.

The Alman Partners Investment Committee is supported by Consilium NZ which provides support in the form of valued research, benchmark performance reviews and best practice guidance.

Consilium NZ

Consilium is an independent funds management and administration firm based in New Zealand that provides specialist asset allocation and investment monitoring services to support the Alman Partners Investment Committee. As both businesses are CEFEX certified, this ensures the complete Alman Partners investment proposition is crafted and maintained in accordance with best-practice global standards of fiduciary excellence.

Consilium have a very experienced investment team and they were selected to help support the Alman Partners’ offering because their client-first values and strict adherence to evidence-based investment principles were highly aligned with our own. In particular, we are utilising their expertise in all facets of strategic asset allocation analysis, rigorous investment and portfolio monitoring, benchmarking and enhanced due diligence reporting.

If you would like to learn more about our highly-skilled Investment Committee, contact our office today.

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