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What our clients say about us


The honesty from Alman Partners is appreciated and goes a long way with us! The team go above & beyond and we truly respect that in so many ways. Having our back (financially) in some form is very refreshing!

Michael & Melissa


Greg & Carolyn


John & Carol


Rowena & Nick


We have been blessed to have Paul from Alman Partners to continually advise and handle all aspects in planning our financial security in retirement, tidying up Estate Planning, Family Trusts, Self-Managed Super Funds, Insurances etc. thus allowing us to focus on running a busy, successful business and raising our daughters. After having a bad experience with a previous financial adviser, Paul’s job has not always been an easy one but his professional, ethical and caring demeanor elicited our trust and respect and we gladly recommend Paul and Alman Partners to our many friends and business associates whenever possible.

Harley & Carol


In general, you probably hear about things that go wrong or don’t meet someone’s expectations fairly quickly, however, good feedback can be slow in coming. I must say Niyati that we have found working with you very enjoyable and we have developed a great respect for your knowledge and advice.

Tony & Lindy


7 or 8 years ago we decided to make an appointment to visit Alman Partners in Mackay in regards to our financial future. After a very professional in-depth presentation we made the decision to accept their proposal, a decision we have never regretted. We left their office full of confidence that our future was in good hands.

John & Desley


Lenore & David


We are very grateful that our association with Alman Partners began over 22 years ago. Their expert advice and guidance over that time is enabling us to live our life exactly as we want, at a time when we are still healthy and young enough to be able to enjoy ourselves with no concerns about our financial future.

Barry & Carol


I must admit I did come to the first meeting with numbers in my head and was not prepared for the emotion of it all, to be honest, it was a tough 1 1/2 hours but in saying that it has cleared our thinking up a lot around our road forward.

Jason & Karen


Like many of us, we suffered a hit with the GFC on our super and investments and decided we needed expert help if we were going to set ourselves up to retire comfortably. Alman Partners were recommended to us by a friend and from the first meeting with their team, we have never felt so confident and comfortable knowing that we were in good hands. Over the years some difficult financial situations have popped up but after a chat with Teneale, we have walked away thinking “what were we so worried about, everything is under control.” This is the feeling you get when you are being looked after by Alman Partners. We should have done it a lot earlier.

Graeme & Caroline

“Our Client Community understand that True Wealth is so much
more than money.”

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