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A Survival Guide for Volatility

When markets are volatile it can be unnerving for investors, more so if you are in, or near retirement. Dr Garth discusses some survival tips.

Black Swan coins

Blacks Swans & the Unknown

Uncertainty is often mistaken for risk, but they are actually two different concepts. So how do you manage it?

Saying No

How do you break a bad investment habit?

Bad investment habits are the norm, not the exception. They include panicking and bailing out at generational market lows, like what too many did in 2009. Conversely, the same people often buy aggressively into market bubbles, like the technology debacle at the turn of this century.

Often these behaviours are the result of conditioned responses. We can have both good and bad investment habits. The key takeaway is understanding how they are created.

In his excellent book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg explains why we continue to do self-destructive things. According to Duhigg, there are three components to forming a habit: cue, routine and reward.