An Ever-Vigilant Guardian

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Alman Partners has just undergone its 8th annual audit and successful renewal of our CEFEX certification. We remain one of only seven firms in all of Australia that voluntarily open their doors to such independent scrutiny.


We recognise that our clients don’t always know all of the tough questions that they should be asking to have absolute confidence in our investment processes. We also appreciate the difficulty in truly differentiating between a financial adviser that meets the minimum legislative requirement, and an investment fiduciary, an adviser that goes above and beyond for the benefit of the client.


The Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) serves as an independent auditor that verifies if an investment advisory firm conforms to all practices and criteria that comprise the Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence.


“A fiduciary is someone who serves as an ever-vigilant guardian of the client’s best interests.”


While we are proud that our firm continues to lead the way in the journey of fiduciary excellence, the ultimate objective of this certification is to provide our clients with ‘peace of mind’ – to know that an independent quality assurance body endorses Alman Partners as an investment fiduciary. Our clients’ financial success is not about being lucky, but being prudent about creating and preserving their wealth.


Fiduciary excellence is a journey, not a destination.



Alman Partners Pty Ltd, Australian Financial Services Licence No: 222107.