Three steps to creating your ultimate financial plan (part 1)

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Alman Partners have developed a unique client experience designed to provide you with clarity and confidence that you have the highest probability of achieving your most important goals based on your deepest held values. That is ‘True Wealth’.

This experience involves a Discovery meeting and a Concept Meeting, resulting in a tailor-made financial plan. Let’s take a look at the Discovery meeting, or “Step 1.”

Step 1: Creating a financial roadmap – personalised to you.

What can you expect at your first ‘discovery meeting’ with AP?

Walt Disney once said, “when your values are clear your decisions are easy.”

Our discovery meetings are designed to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. The outcome is to understand your why. Why do you want financial security? Before you are ready to invest your hard‐earned money, it is essential we all understand your Why. What are your values around money?

Imagine a couple getting into a taxi and when the driver asks, “where do you want to go?” they answer, “we don’t know”. Where would you end up?

The next step is to start building an exciting financial plan for your future, gaining clarity on where you want to end up, or what are your most important life goals that will require planning and money to achieve. Some examples;

  • Buy our own home or pay off our mortgage as quickly as possible
  • Travel to Europe for 6 weeks in September next year, budget $40,000
  • Fund private education for our children
  • Retire at age 60 with an annual income of $60,000p.a.

At the conclusion of the discovery meeting, we will have developed your financial roadmap.

Stay tuned for Step 2 – checking under the hood…