AP Bear Photo of the Year 2016 Award

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AP Bear again saw some fascinating sights in 2016.

From India to Antarctica and all around Australia, he certainly has racked up some miles.

If you are unfamiliar with AP Bear, he has become our travel mascot in recent years. Several years back, partner Steve Lowry and his wife Sally visited the US and sitting in their hotel was a teddy bear named George. The idea was to take George sightseeing with them, taking photos as they went. The hotel then shared their clients’ photos on their Facebook page. Alman Partners loved this idea, and we have be handing out our own “George” ever since.

If you are planning on traveling in 2017 please contact our office for your very own AP Bear. We love to see what AP Bear gets up to and share our client’s photos on our own Facebook page.

Seeing that we have had so many great photos this year we have decided to create the “AP Bear Photo of the Year” award.

This year’s nominations are:

Trevor & Michele Flor – Cobbold Gorgeflor

Tony & Marina Upton – Indiaupton

Paul & Diana Giordani and Tony & Barb Warne – Antarctica

The winner will be announced before Christmas!
We look forward to seeing what adventures AP Bear gets up to in 2017.