AP Bear Photo of the Year Awards

The travelling adventures of A.P. Bear! A number of years ago we introduced this cute little fellow to our Alman Partners Family. We encourage our clients when they are travelling to collect an ‘A.P. Bear’ from our office and take him on your trips, take photos, and share them with us.

Another fantastic year of travelling adventures for our very own AP Bear. First up this year he visited Canada, seeing some incredible sights. He even caught up with some life-sized relatives and learned how to dog sledge.

For the remainder of the year, AP Bear stayed a little closer to home visiting some local sights, such as Lawn Hill, Brisbane and Adelaide.

For those of you who are not familiar with the AP Bear Photo of the Year Award, we began the competition in 2016 after we received an increase in photos featuring AP Bear getting up to mischief on his adventures.

This year’s nominations will open on November 1st and close December 10th. If you still have photos that you haven’t sent in, be quick to get them to us before November 1st. To nominate your favourite photo, be sure to visit our Facebook page and send an email to Kerri Wallace with your selection. The winner will be announced December 20th and will receive a fun prize.

If you are planning on travelling in 2018, please contact our office for your very own AP Bear. We love to see what AP Bear gets up to and share our client’s photos on our Facebook page. Get snapping!


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