Why being a part of GAIA sets us apart from everyone else

Alman Partners are proud to be a founding member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors. Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA) is an international network of investment advisory firms who share best practices and learn from each other so that we can better serve our clients in a fiduciary capacity. Memberships are limited to those companies who meet stringent standards in wealth management practices.

Our firm is currently at the forefront of global best practices. For you as an Alman Partners client, this means that the highest fiduciary standards will be followed throughout your investment process.

GAIA members must be certified by CEFEX – a global assessment and certification organisation that serves as an independent auditor. Their organisation verifies that an investment advisory firm conforms to all practices and criteria that comprise the Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence.

Like the rest of our GAIA partner firms, at Alman Partners, we believe our clients’ financial success is not about being lucky but being prudent about creating and preserving wealth. Clients should focus on what they do best and consider delegating the rest. That is why our clients choose to rely on a trusted adviser to guide their lifestyle, financial and investment decisions.

Talk to our team today about why being a part of GAIA sets us apart from everyone else. Below are videos to give you more information on GAIA and its benefits.

“We truly believe that collaboration is behind humanities greatest achievements” – Simon Brown, BHP Wealth Management, UK

“There is a higher standard when you are with GAIA.”


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