Let the Next Chapter Begin

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One of our recently retiring clients was asked by a colleague, “what are you going to do when you stop work?” He responded, “I am retiring, not stopping work. I am going to continue to work on making the best years of our lives.”

This made me think – how do you live your best retirement life?


Have a Routine

We are used to having a routine during our working life to help us get the most out of our days. This shouldn’t be any different in retirement. Finding a routine that balances household activities, leisure, and relaxation time. Getting up at the same time every morning and having a routine such as getting some exercise and doing your daily chores will not only benefit your health, but you will have a sense that you have accomplished something.


Be Present

We can all be guilty of being too caught up in our heads, thinking about the past or the future. But while we are doing that, we are missing out on being in the moment and enjoying what we are currently experiencing. Focus on the good things, even if they are only simple. Let go of anything that is bothering you and focus your attention on something you enjoy. It could be as simple as enjoying your first cup of coffee for the day or looking at nature while you take a walk and listen to the sounds around you.


Your Health

Looking after your health can have a huge effect on your ability to enjoy your retirement. Making the effort to cook healthy meals and exercise will keep you active longer.

A good night’s sleep, or rather the lack of it, can impact your health in a number of ways according to Healthline.com. Lack of sleep can lead to moodiness, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, diseases, impaired brain activity, and a suppressed immune system.

Keeping healthy is not just about our body’s health, but also our minds. We can do this by continuing to stay socially connected with people. Make plans to interact – this could be with family and friends or volunteering in the community. Continue to keep learning – this could be a new hobby or a fun class. The University of the 3rd Age began in France in 1973 and has now spread worldwide. Promoting learning for personal enjoyment and satisfaction offers mature age people the opportunity to explore new interests and to share the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their lives. Getting out of your comfort zone frequently is the best strategy for living life to the max in retirement.

Laughter is the best medicine, so maintaining a sense of humour and connecting with friends and positive people can immediately boost your mood.


Have a Plan

Having a financial plan in place tracking your goals and aspirations, whilst ensuring you have sufficient capital to live the life your desire is crucial to having a successful retirement. You want to enjoy retirement after working for so many years, not hold back concerned about how long your capital will last. As your financial adviser, you can have the confidence that we continue to monitor and maintain your portfolio throughout your retirement, ensuring that you remain on track. This allows you the freedom to truly live your best retirement life.


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