Life Is A Journey

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Child looking ahead on a journey


How many of us now use Google Maps when heading off on a road trip?

Before we head off, we enter our destination into the app. The app provides us with information such as time to reach our destination, educates us by providing alternative routes and warns us of potential hazards or roadworks that may require us to plan a different route from the one we may originally plan.

Have you heard the adage that ‘Life is a Journey?

Quality personal financial advice is your Google Maps for your Life Journey, assisting you to get to your destination. Your Financial Adviser will look at where you want to end up and any important highlights along the way. When developing your plan they will consider many alternative strategies, considering time frames and potential issues you may face in achieving your desired outcome.

However, it doesn’t matter how well we plan out the road trip, the unexpected may happen. For a road trip, it may be unplanned roadworks or an accident. In life, while we will face many changes to our situations in our lifetime, some can be unexpected.

  • Changes of employment;
  • Divorce;
  • Death of a loved one;
  • A windfall.

If it is your road trip, Google Maps makes it easy. You simply update the app with your current position, and it will recalibrate to obtain an amended route to your destination and get you back on track.

However, this is not so easy when the unexpected happens in your life. The emotions and turmoil of these events can make it difficult to know which way is up, let alone how to get back on track and moving forward.

When life changes, money changes.
      When money changes, life changes.

So just like Google Maps, when you contact your Financial Adviser in Mackay and provide an update of your current position, this allows for a recalibration of your current plan, enabling them to assist you to get you back on track for your life journey.


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