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Investment Philosophy

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What was the most important financial decision you have ever made? Join Veronika as she looks into the decision-making process.

Facts & Hugs!

Paul came across one of Carl Richard’s fantastic sketches this week, which provoked some reflection on ‘scary markets.’

Legacy, planting tree, hands

Protect your Legacy

Join Katrina as she looks into protecting your legacy through business succession planning.

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Meme Investing? Try Human Ingenuity Instead

We’ve all been conditioned to see meme investors and Wall Street in opposition, but it seems to me that they have a lot in common. Both believe in picking stocks and think they can beat the market. In my mind, the important distinction is that Wall Street stands to make a lot of money off meme investors, simply from trading costs.

Bitcoin Wallet

A Little Bit(coin) in your Portfolio

Bitcoin & crypto in general have been in the news a lot, due to the recent large movements (up and down) in its price. Discover more in Niyati’s latest article.