Time is Precious

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Money is a commodity that we can’t live without. As a result, we tend to focus a lot of our time on getting, and then keeping, our money. This only make sense. We work hard and don’t want to lose what we have earned.

But I’ll pose another, far more important commodity that most find it far easier to squander away: your time.

You have 10,080 minutes in every week, and into that you need to fit work, study, family, sleep, fitness and social time. We all know what time we need to get up to fit in breakfast, get to work, leave to head to the gym, and be home to make dinner for the kids. But how do you capture those minutes that are wasted in those “in-between” spaces? The times that you grabbed your phone and checked in on social media. The times that you checked out on the job that was at hand, only to rush around later trying to catch back up.

In many ways, planning for your money and planning for your time both follow the same recipe. Here are some of the reasons that people don’t have enough of either:

  1. Not starting early enough
  2. Trying to do too many things at once
  3. Not tracking or budgeting your money/time
  4. Not prioritising finance/life goals
  5. Not having a routine or plan
  6. Trying to get “there” too quickly
  7. Not reviewing your progress regularly

Any plan should be simple, methodical, purposeful and easily trackable. In today’s world, they make an app for everything. Why not try one for creating your own time? Here’s a list of some of the most popular apps that do just that:


If you need to create a financial plan and don’t want it to be a burden on your time, our financial advisers at Alman Partners is here to help.

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