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Financial planning is not just about insurance, investments, and superannuation, although all of these play a role. Rather it is about making smart financial decisions to achieve your most important goals based on your deepest held values.

Values-based financial planning

For some people money is important because it allows them to take care of themselves and keep healthy. Other people value money because it enables them to provide shelter and security for their family, while still others use money as a tool to provide them with freedom and adventure. Whatever your money needs and wants may be, it is important that you and your financial planner are clear about what is important to you individually, and that you are both on the same page before specific financial advice is given.

Top financial advice for people from all walks of life

Financial advice is different for every person, because as we have mentioned everyone’s needs are different. Not only that, but people are also at different stages in life, and have been brought up in different cultures with different attitudes to money. This is why expert financial advice for one person might be learning to understand and apply the basics of financial literacy i.e. spend less than you earn, whereas for another person financial advice might be putting together a comprehensive investment strategy. At Alman Partners, our financial planners are interested in you and your story, which is why we meet you at whatever stage you are at, on your journey towards financial freedom.

What are the benefits of using a qualified financial planner?

If you have a heart condition you don’t generally go to Google, self-diagnose and attempt to treat yourself, you go to a specialist. Investing your capital is not different. Consider the complexity of: Tax law, protecting your family with a sound insurance plan, establishing an effective estate plan, and investing your money in an intelligent way requires a specialist. Alman Partners can provide expert advice in all of these areas.

Hiring a specialist financial planner isn’t about relinquishing control but rather about obtaining direction and support for whatever goals you want to achieve, be it saving for your first home, retirement or your kids’ university funds. We recommend giving us a call today to talk through your options.

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